Guy Kawasaki: Think Remarkable Let's Dive into the Mind of a Visionary | Ep. 066

Guy Kawasaki: Think Remarkable Let's Dive into the Mind of a Visionary | Ep. 066

In this captivating episode of the MindHack Podcast, host Cody McLain engages in a profound conversation with Guy Kawasaki, a visionary in the tech landscape and master evangelist. Known for his instrumental role in marketing Apple's Macintosh and his impactful books like 'Wise Guy' and 'The Art of the Start 2.0', Guy shares his wisdom on transforming lives and making a meaningful difference.

We delve into his latest work, 'Think Remarkable', acclaimed by Jane Goodall for its call to elevate our lives and positively impact the world. Guy discusses embracing change, the power of a growth mindset, and the importance of making a difference to be truly remarkable. Join us as we explore Guy's insights on innovation, marketing, and the journey to leading a fulfilling life.

About this Guest

Guy Kawasaki is a visionary tech evangelist and bestselling author known for his ability to turn ideas into remarkable realities.

People & Other Mentions

00:00 Intro
00:33 About Guy
01:25 Guy Kawasaki's Magnum Opus? How to be remarkable
04:01 Growth, Grit and Grace
07:02 Enduring vs Embracing change, using envy as motivation
12:53 Having a grit mindset, finding your motivation to keep on going
17:11 Perseverance is not a guarantee of success, but giving up is a sure path to failure
19:21 What is this concept of Working backwards?
25:25 Focus, focus, focus....pivot, pivot, pivot. Turning interests into passions
32:39 Asking simple questions that lead to remarkable results
40:03 What's the plan Guy? Building goals or not really
44:09 Everybody's winging it!! The fake it until you make it misconception, and final thoughts...